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From "lizhanqiang@inspur.com" <lizhanqi...@inspur.com>
Subject about sqoop-1.44 increment parameter
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 02:31:06 GMT

   Forgive my poor English.
   I hava a problem working with sqoop-1.44's  parameter incremental .
   When I use --incremental lastmodified  --last-value '2014-06-25'  (toady is 2014-07-25)
   I find sqoop will incremental import the data between 2014-06-25 and 2014-07-25(today).
   I read the source code and find sqoop will obtain current_date from db server.
   I want to know why sqoop did so.Because I originally want to incremental import data between

   2014-06-25 and 2014-8-25.Because this field represent some date point in the future.
   Hope to heard from you.
   Want to kown why design like so.If hava any other considirasion I do not know.
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