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From Support Team <supp...@lighthadoop.com>
Subject Basic Hadoop 2.3 32-bit VM for general Hadoop Users
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2014 18:11:09 GMT
We have released a very basic 32-bit VM (VirtualBox Image) for those users who want to get
started with Hadoop, without worrying about configuration and dependencies. 

We have used CDH5.1 for this release which contains Hadoop 2.3 (YARN), Pig 0.12, Hive 0.12,
Sqoop 1.4.4 along with MySQL with 814MB of download size.

We have also packaged a simple use case of Wiki Page Hits analysis, which is explained in
our blog here at www.lighthadoop.com.

This is a genuine effort to help adoption of Hadoop and its eco-system fast, especially for
students, from our freelancing big data enthusiasts to get started with latest Hadoop, Pig
and Hive. Thus reducing time and effort in installating and configuring the system, still
keeping the Hardware requirement low.

The motivation behind this VM is there are users who own 32-bit systems(can address 4GB RAM,
thats enough for basic Hadoop setup) and still want to try latest stable Hadoop. Thus enabling
them to solve a use case without needing to buy a latest PC/Laptop with high amount of RAM.

Kindly send your feedback/suggestions to support@lighthadoop.com .

All suggestions welcome! Suggestions make us grow, thus serving more opensource community!

LightHadoop Team

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