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From David Robson <David.Rob...@software.dell.com>
Subject RE: Import Partitions from Oracle to Hive Partitions
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 22:40:21 GMT
Hi Venkat,

I'm not sure what this will do in regards to Hive partitions - I'll test it out when I get
into the office and get back to you. But this option will make it so there is one file for
each Oracle partition - which might be of interest to you.

Match Hadoop Files to Oracle Table Partitions


To import data from a partitioned table in such a way that the resulting HDFS folder structure
Hadoop will match the table's partitions, set the chunk method to PARTITION. The alternative
(default) chunk method is ROWID.

l For the number of Hadoop files to match the number of Oracle partitions, set the number
of mappers to be greater than or equal to the number of partitions.
l If the table is not partitioned then value PARTITION will lead to an error.


From: Venkat, Ankam [mailto:Ankam.Venkat@centurylink.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 6 August 2014 3:56 AM
To: 'user@sqoop.apache.org'
Subject: Import Partitions from Oracle to Hive Partitions

I am trying to import  partitions from Oracle table to Hive partitions.

Can somebody provide the syntax using regular JDBC connector and Oraoop connector?

Thanks in advance.


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