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From Anthony Smee <smee....@googlemail.com>
Subject Updating data in HDFS
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 14:55:13 GMT
Hi there

I am new to Sqoop and have recently been reading the Apache Sqoop Cookbook
and wanted to ask a question. I noticed that in section 5 of the cookbook
it details how Sqoop can update data in an existing dataset in the
RDBMS. Sorry,
just to be clear - I am aware of the hive-import switch, but I have tables
in an RDBMS which has data updated going back numerous days over months and
my HDFS data is partitioned by numerous columns meaning lots of partitions
need to have the files merged.

My question, have you ever considered the same requirement but to update
data in Hive tables, e.g. the files in HDFS?

Just wondering if this is on the roadmap, and if not why not?


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