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From "evergreen方" <404762...@qq.com>
Subject How sqoop trim all the columns when importing table to hive?
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 07:21:42 GMT
‍‍hi everyone,
       I have a so big db2 table which contains many char type columns.[see 1.png]
       I've always been tring  to extract datas to hive via sqoop to fullfill different demands.

       In the past time, I try to manually trim all the char type colums when write Hivesql[see

       There are so many colums to trim that I always forget some of them,just like following:

        suppose BANK_TABLE is the target table of hive,and 2323423232323 is an existing  card
number in the table.‍
      if I execute: hive -e "select * from  BANK_TABLE where card_no='2323423232323' " ‍
       The result is nothing owning to I forget to trim the column: card_no when I write sql
to import data to hive.
       So I wonder is there a good way for sqool or for hive to do the 'trim' automatically?

Thank you all!

Yuqing Fang
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