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From Syed Akram <akram.ba...@zohocorp.com>
Subject Re: SQLException during sqoop import
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 13:35:09 GMT

String[] str = {"import", "--connect", uri, "--hadoop-home", hadoopHome,
 "--query", sqlText, "--map-column-java", "oprtype=Integer", "--target-dir", targetDir,"--hive-import",
 "--hive-table", hiveTable, "--username", userName, "--password", password, "--split-by",
primaryKey, "--num-mappers","2"};

where query is
sqlText="select " + tableName + ".*, 0 as oprtype, 0 as modified_date from " + tableName +
" where $CONDITIONS";

iam splitting using primary key.

Thanks for quick response

---- On Wed, 21 Jan 2015 18:59:34 +0530 Herman Schistad&lt;herman.schistad@gmail.com&gt;
wrote ---- 

Could you provide us with the arguments you used and the schema of 
your database? 
Perhaps also what you are trying to achieve. 
>From an initial look at it, it looks like there's an issue with the 
data type of your keys or the column you are splitting on. 

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