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From Karthic Hariharan <khariha...@rmn.com>
Subject Way to pass -D parameters to sqoop merge
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 06:29:44 GMT
I am using sqoop 1.4.5. Since sqoop jobs are essentially jobs built on top
of hadoop I was wondering if there is a way to pass
'-Dproperty.name=property.value' arguments to a sqoop merge command. I have
sqoop running on an Amazon EMR Cluster. My sqoop job gets the incremental
data out and then performs a merge with S3 as the target-dir. But when the
files are created on S3 as a result of the merge command, there are no
access control list permissions set on those files which render them
unusable by anyone with access to that bucket. One way I have noticed that
can be fixed is to set the fs.s3.canned.acl value to FullBucketOwnerControl
when running the job. I can do this trivially when running sqoop import
command. How do I do it for sqoop merge command?


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