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From Jagat Singh <jagatsi...@gmail.com>
Subject Sqoop job hanging
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 03:04:21 GMT

Whats the best way to debug Sqoop 1 , job which does not brings any records
and just sits over there. It will keep on running for hours if we don't
kill it.

See the screenshot and log attached.

I checked the DB it has about 32k records.

We just tried to give higher memory to see if that works , but still no

Sqoop query is

sqoop import -Dmapreduce.map.log.level=DEBUG
-Dmapreduce.map.java.opts=-Xmx16277m -Dmapreduce.map.memory.mb=20000
-Dmapreduce.map.speculative=false --verbose \
--connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@${db} \
--username "${username}" --password ${password} \
--table My.CASE_O \
--columns Hello
--where "to_char(COPY_DATE,'YYYY-MM-DD') ='`date --date="yesterday" +%F`'"
-m 1 \
--fetch-size 500 \
--target-dir /tmp/dir


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