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From Kumar Jayapal <kjayapa...@gmail.com>
Subject Avro Format output
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2015 03:01:17 GMT

I have a situation here. I have loaded CSV files into hive database in
a PARQUET FORMAT.  I am want to move this data into a directory in AVRO
format is it possible to do that. I tried with this potion but  not
successed. Can some one please help.

insert overwrite directory '/tmp/blo' ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS
TERMINATED BY ','  STORED AS AVRO select dwhse, dsdat, dreg_num, drn_num,
dscnr, dareq, datak, dmsgc from blok where fiscal_year=2008 and
fiscal_period=01 limit 10;


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