wouldn't you know it... after i hit send. i found what i was looking for.

add '-- --skip-tz-utc' to the end of the sqoop import command. as per sqoop documentation these are local switches to add the 'direct' method for the associated db vendor's tool. in my case 'mysqldump --help' lists all available options and its there where i found that --skip-tz-utc switch.

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 9:45 AM, Stephen Sprague <spragues@gmail.com> wrote:
hey guys,
using sqoop 1.4.5  when i use --direct to import a table from mysql to hdfs all timestamp columns are shifted +8 (gmt offset).  when i don't use --direct all is good.

further, any and all directives put in the jdbc connect string have no influence (from what i can tell) when using --direct. 

Has anyone else seen this problem? And if so any suggestions to look at?