Hi David and Sumit,

thanks for the quick answer.

Regarding oracle:

we are using sqoop 1.4.5-cdh5.4.4 with the --direct option. We have no problem importing dates and timestamps with no timezone info. 

The problem comes in when timezone info is there [We get something like "Cannot convert SQL-type -102" error]. 
The only workoround we found is the one i mentioned [using --map-column-java].

Do you think things change with sqoop 1.4.6? 

Regarding Access:

our use case is the following: an .mdb or .accdb file gets shipped to a node in our cluster with sftp [we can't connect directly to the windows server] and we should import all the tables in that file into hive.

I haven't tried the easysoft driver because it seemed that it required the .mdb to be in a windows server

I have tried with the UCanAccess jdbc driver.

Since the access db file is actually already in our cluster I don't even know if sqoop would be the right tool for reading the data from it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.