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From "Foster, Craig" <foscr...@amazon.com>
Subject Sqoop server port
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 19:14:04 GMT
What is the Sqoop2 server port? It’s somewhat confusing and seems inconsistent.

I am experimentally setting SQOOP_HTTP_PORT to 9999. In setenv.sh, it says: “The port Sqoop
server runs” so I assumed it was the way to set this port.

But when I look in sqoop.sh it says:
“The Java System properties ‘sqoop.http.port’ and ‘sqoop.admin.port’ are not used
by Sqoop. They are used in Tomcat’s server.xml configuration file.”

Furthermore, when I restart the server with this set, it no longer works. When I start sqoop2,
it says:


Sqoop home directory: /usr/lib/sqoop2

Sqoop Shell: Type 'help' or '\h' for help.

sqoop:000> show server --all

Server host: sanitized

Server port: 12000

Server webapp: sqoop

sqoop:000> create link -c 2

Creating link for connector with id 2

Exception has occurred during processing command

Exception: com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException Message: java.net.ConnectException:
Connection refused

So, looking in the org.apache.sqoop.core.Constants class I find a SQOOP2_PORT and setting
that I find that this works again. So its seems pretty critical that I not set SQOOP_HTTP_PORT.


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