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From Sam Joe <games2013....@gmail.com>
Subject Sqoop Link Creation Issue: Invalid Oracle URL specified
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2016 17:50:28 GMT

I'm facing some issues while trying to create a link in Sqoop 1.99.6.

sqoop:000> update link --lid 1
Updating link with id 1
Please update link:
Name: OracleLinkqa

Link configuration

JDBC Driver Class: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
JDBC Connection String: jdbc:oracle://testqa.com:1785/test
Username: samuid
Password: ***********
JDBC Connection Properties:
There are currently 1 values in the map:
protocol = tcp

There were warnings while create or update, but saved successfully.
Warning message: Can't connect to the database with given credentials:
Invalid Oracle URL specified
link was successfully updated with status WARNING

I've tried with the following:

- using ip address instead of hostname
- using service name and sid
- jdbc:oracle:thin@testqa.com:1785/test

I've placed the ojdbc6.jar in
/usr/lib/sqoop/sqoop-1.99.6-bin-hadoop200/server/lib and
/usr/lib/sqoop/sqoop-1.99.6-bin-hadoop200/shell/lib locations.

Please help.


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