What's the command you fired?  If it's IMPORT  command add --driver <name of JDBC driver class> in the command

On 15-Apr-2016 3:59 PM, "Suresh Moorthi" <itzzme.ms@gmail.com> wrote:

I am using CDH 5.7.0 and using sqoop client api to import a table from MySQL to HIVE. Am using the sqoop-connector-kite-1.99.5-cdh5.7.0.jar

The import fails with the following message.

org.kitesdk.data.DatasetNotFoundException: Unknown dataset URI pattern: dataset:hive:testing/testtable

Check that JARs for hive datasets are on the classpath

I dont think the missing jars in the classpath is the case here. Because, when i enabled debug in sqoop server, the following dataset URIs seems to be registered.


In the above the hive dataset URI is missing, I believe that this is the problem. Why the hive dataset URI is not registered? What should I do to have the hive dataset registered?

When I do the import from CLI, it is working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Suresh M