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From yeshwanth kumar <yeshwant...@gmail.com>
Subject Null Values in Sqoop Import to Hive
Date Thu, 19 May 2016 08:55:34 GMT

i am doing sqoop import from oracle to Hive
data is loading into Hive successfully, but i am seeing lot of NULL values,
i am handling NULL values during sqoop import but in Hive i cannot get rid
of NULL values

sqoop \
--options-file $options_file \
--password-file 'file://'`pwd`'/password.file' \
--query "select ${col_list} from ${tbl_nm} where ID = ${part_prd} AND
-m 1 \
--hive-import \
--target-dir $hive_tgt_dir/$tbl_nm \
--hive-table rmaram.${tbl_nm} \
--hive-drop-import-delims \
--null-string '\\N' \
--null-non-string '\\N' \
--hive-partition-key ${partition_col} \
--hive-partition-value ${part_prd};;"N")

please let me know how to resolve this issue.


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