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From Raymond Xie <xie3208...@gmail.com>
Subject Why the sequence file generated using sqoop contains only one type?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:06:00 GMT
I have a sequence file generated using sqoop, why only one type is seen in
the file?

sqoop import -m 1 \
--connect=jdbc:mysql://ms.itversity.com/retail_db \
--username=retail_user \
--password=itversity \
--table=orders \
--as-sequencefile \

The head part of the sequence is as below:

[paslechoix@gw03 ~]$ hdfs dfs -cat order20180320_seq/part-m-00000 |head

As you can see, there is only one type in the sequence file's head:

According to this Hadoop WiKi about sequence file format:

sequence file's header should contain:

version - A byte array: 3 bytes of magic header 'SEQ', followed by 1
byte of actual version no. (e.g. SEQ4 or SEQ6)
keyClassName - String
valueClassName - String

However, all the sequence files I generated with sqoop (
) contains only one Class.

Is there anything missing in the sqoop command? how can generate a sequence
with the right info in its head?

Thank you very much.

*Sincerely yours,*


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