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From Raymond Xie <xie3208...@gmail.com>
Subject Format about JDBC Mysql Connect
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2018 17:52:14 GMT
I know the sqoop official doc says the right connect format for jdbc mysql
is as below:

$ bin/sqoop help import
usage: sqoop import [GENERIC-ARGS] [TOOL-ARGS]

Common arguments:
   --connect <jdbc-uri>     Specify JDBC connect string
   --connection-manager <class-name>     Specify connection manager class to use
   --driver <class-name>    Manually specify JDBC driver class to use
   --hadoop-mapred-home <dir>            Override $HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME
   --help                   Print usage instructions
   --password-file          Set path for file containing authentication password
   -P                       Read password from console
   --password <password>    Set authentication password
   --username <username>    Set authentication username

In my practice, I have been using --username= and --password=

The reason I am using that is from a training course and I have been
followed that and it works for me.

Would there be any possible risk of it gets declined for the right

Thank you.

*Sincerely yours,*


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