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From Laurent Thoulon <>
Subject Is there a way to share an opaque state across topologies ?
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 07:53:44 GMT
Hi , 

I've completly reworked one of my topologies so that it reads from only one aggregated spout
instead of three spouts. The final operation is still the same though: persistentAggregate-sum
the data to cassandra. 
I'm using a KafkaSpout and a CassandraMap both in an opaque way. Now can my old topology and
my new topology run at the same time and upgrade the same state ? 

For what i understood i'm afraid the answer will be no as there will be a problem having two
separate txids. 

This leads me to an other question: if i just replace my old topology with the new one, does
having changed the spouts will change the txid and again make the opaque state update faulty

Regards , 

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