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From 李家宏 <>
Subject tuple loss
Date Wed, 14 May 2014 09:06:02 GMT
I am running storm- with zmq as transport layer, and I set zmq.hwm =
2000 to avoid significant memory leaks, Also I disableed ackers.

I found from UI that some components executed much less tuples than being
transferred to them.
Let's say, a topology looks like this : componentA -> componentB.
ComponentA transferred 100M tuples while componentB only executed 1M
tuples. I'am wondering where do the left tuples gone. If they were queueing
in the transport layer, then the queue should be keep increasing and thus
the momory usage, But I didn't see any noticeable memeory leaks.

Does storm have the guarantee that all tuples transferred from taskA to
taskB should be received by taskB, moreover, the tulpes are in order.






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