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From Raphael Hsieh <>
Subject Trident, ZooKeeper and Kafka
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 18:13:55 GMT
If I don't tell trident to start consuming data from the beginning of the
Kafka stream, where does it start from?
If I were to do:
   tridentKafkaConfig.forceFromStart = true;
Then it will tell the spout to start consuming from the start of the
stream. If that is not set, then where does it start consuming from? and
How might I go about telling it to start consuming from the very end of the

If a disaster were to happen and all my hosts died, when I start my cluster
back up, it might start consuming from where it left off. I would rather
manually process that old data, and have my storm system start processing
the live data.

Raphael Hsieh

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