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From "Cody A. Ray" <>
Subject Re: Machine specs
Date Thu, 01 May 2014 03:48:01 GMT
We use m1.larges in EC2 <> for
both nimbus and supervisor machines (though the m1 family have been
deprecated in favor of m3). Our use case is to do some pre-aggregation
before persisting the data in a store. (The main bottleneck in this setup
is the downstream datastore, but memory is the primary constraint on the
worker machines due to the in-memory cache which wraps the trident state.)

For what its worth, Infochimps
or m3.xlarge machines.

Using the Amazon cloud machines as a reference, we like to use either the
c1.xlarge machines (7GB ram, 8 cores, $424/month, giving the highest
CPU-performance-per-dollar) or the m3.xlargemachines (15 GB ram, 4 cores,
$365/month, the best balance of CPU-per-dollar and RAM-per-dollar). You
shouldn’t use fewer than four worker machines in production, so if your
needs are modest feel free to downsize the hardware accordingly.

Not sure what others would recommend.


On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 5:57 PM, Software Dev <>wrote:

> What kind of specs are we looking at for
> 1) Nimbus
> 2) Workers
> Any recommendations?

Cody A. Ray, LEED AP

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