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From Mike Thomsen <>
Subject Is this an appropriate use of Trident?
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2014 13:52:10 GMT
My team uses Storm to ingest data into a few of our enterprise systems and
sometimes we run into issues where a tuple will fail at one and succeed at
the others. Some of us feel that the problem is that we are trying to
parallelize a process that should be serialized instead according to
priority so that we can ensure that if a tuple fails in one place, the
other systems don't attempt to ingest at all. None of the systems were are
inserting data into are SQL databases where we can just write the bolt to
do a rollback in the event of a failure, they're search systems, HBase,
stuff like that.

I'd like to know what others here think about this use case. I've seen
statements that Trident adds transactional support to Storm which would be
a big help, but I've not dug deep enough yet (holidays and all) to get a
good feel for whether it's what we need. What we really need is some sort
of transactional behavior that on failure with one bolt would trigger a
rollback across all of our data ingestion bolts with the message id or
something like that so we could manually remove the data.



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