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From Erik Weathers <>
Subject storm.yaml config: change on nimbus or worker machines?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 02:26:56 GMT
Can someone please clarify for me how you properly specify worker-specific
configuration in storm.yaml?

e.g., I'm making a change to use zmq as the transport (due to a tangential
problem with netty), and it's unclear where to make this change:

   - storm.messaging.transport: backtype.storm.messaging.zmq

I assumed that I needed to change storm.yaml on the worker machine, but it
seems that the change only shows up in the nimbus UI when I modify
storm.yaml on the nimbus.

So I'm assuming that the config options you specify in storm.yaml on nimbus
propagated to the storm workers, please correct me if that's wrong.

But what if you make a change to the configs in the nimbus and then restart
it with the topology still running?  i.e., will that change be propagated
to the existing topology workers somehow?  (In the case of changing the
messaging transport, I assume that would mean restarting the workers to use
the alternative transport layer.)


- Erik

P.S., I am well aware of the other stuff you need to do to get zmq working
in storm-0.9.1+; I just don't want to force all of our topologies to
specify the above configuration knob.

P.P.S., I'm using storm-0.9.3

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