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From Yury Ruchin <>
Subject Re: Query regarding Metrics per worker vs per task
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 20:47:51 GMT

The worker slot ports are somewhat being statically configured for Storm
cluster ( and
my understanding is that configured ports should not change. After all,
these ports are what workers' receive threads use when doing interprocess
communication (

I think it can (and should) be checked experimentally, by killing worker
process and observing which port will the worker re-created by supervisor


2015-02-05 22:01 GMT+03:00 Chinmay Soman <>:

> Hey all,
> I'm trying to monitor the CPU/memory usage per worker (or JVM). The way
> we're doing this in our setup is to send these metrics for the registered
> metric name using a Graphite reporter. Currently, this metric name is
> constructed using the following components:
> <topology-specific-name>.class-name.metric-name.componentID.taskID
> The problem with this naming is that each task redundantly reports the
> same value (in case of JVM related metrics). What I really want is one
> metric per worker instead of per task.
> Is there any way to get a logical worker ID  ? From the documentation it
> seems like there is a worker port (which probably keeps changing). Or is
> there a better way to do this ?
> Please let me know.
> --
> Thanks and regards
> Chinmay Soman

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