executed = # of times you called executed
acked = # of executed tuples that you acked; ideally this will match executed
emitted = # of tuples that you emitted; if you call emit more than once per execute call this can be higher than execute count
transferred = # of tuples transferred downstream; if you have 2 bolts subscribing to your bolt, then this count can be higher than emitted.

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 11:35 AM, Rahul Reddy <Rahul.Reddy@match.com> wrote:

Can you guys help me understand difference between emitted, transferred and acked tuples.

In my case every tuple emitted by ablog-filter-bolt will be processed by ablog-flatten-xml-bolt which will then be written by ablog-hdfs-bolt to hdfs. Ideally all metrics for executed/acked should match after tuples are emitted from ablog-filter-bolt . I'm not sure why there is so much discrepancy in emitted/transferredacked tuple count between these bolts although it dosent show any failed tuples.

Any ideas what I can check and how to interpret metrics correctly?