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From "Ziemer, Tom" <>
Subject Flux question
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2015 11:20:32 GMT

after using storm 0.9.4 for some time now, I finally had a look at 0.10.0-beta. One of the
most interesting new features for me was FLUX. The documentation states that
"...components are roughly analagous to Spring beans"
and in the flux-examples (
I found
"Components are analagous to Spring beans. They are meant to be used as constructor, property(setter),
and builder arguments."

Question 1: Dependency Injection
Right now I am using Spring in the prepare() method of my bolts to create non-serializable
objects, like connection pools, etc. Was FLUX meant to cover this as well? So far it seems
to me that this is not the case. Is this assumption correct? If so, is it planned to extend
FLUX to cover the entire lifecycle of a bolt?

Question 2: Testing
Apart from that, how do I test my flux-based topologies using maven/junit? I checked the flux-examples
and couldn't find any tests.


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