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From John Yost <>
Subject FieldsGrouping at KafkaSpout
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 11:33:09 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I am currently prototyping FieldsGrouping at the KafkaSpout vs Bolt level.
I am curious as to whether anyone else has tried this and, if so, how well
this worked.

The reason I am attempting to do FieldsGrouping in the KafkaSpout is that I
moved from fieldsGrouping to localOrShuffleGrouping between Bolt 1 and Bolt
2 in my topology due to a 4 to 1 fan in from Bolt 1 to Bolt 2 (for example,
200 Bolt 1 executors and 50 Bolt 2 executors) which was dramatically
slowing throughput. It is still highly preferable to do fieldsGrouping one
way or another so that I am getting all values for a given key to the same
Bolt 2 executor, which is the impetus for attempting to do fieldsGrouping
in the KafkaSpout.

If anyone has any thoughts on this approach, I'd very much like to get your



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