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From Francis Ghidoni <>
Subject Non-linear Topologies
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2015 01:53:40 GMT
I am new to Storm and have an assignment to build a web service that executes three tasks in
parallel and then joins the results of these three tasks to send back to the user:       
                                                                 > Task A
\                                                                     /                  
   \User -----> Web Service -----> Spout   ---->   Task B -->  Web Service --->
User                                                                     \               
      /                                                                       \          
       /                                                                          > Task

I read through the Distributed RPC page on storm github and it suggested I "talk about [my]
use case for non-linear DRPC topologies on the mailing list to inform the construction of
more general abstractions for DRPC topologies." I would think that my use case is a common
one and wanted to get recommendations on 1) topologies to look at and 2) will I need to use
a CoordinatedBolt as the documentation says because of the merging requirement of Tasks A,
B and C? 		 	   		  
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