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From Derek Dagit <>
Subject Re: Failed to bind to:
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2016 15:15:26 GMT
> Failed to bind to:

If you see this, you can use a tool like lsof to find out what was listening on the port.

`lsof -i :6703` as root user.

Most likely, because it was port 6703, it was another worker JVM that was still running.


From: researcher cs <>
To:;;; Michael Vogiatzis
<>; Michael Vogiatzis <> 
Sent: Sunday, January 3, 2016 6:09 PM
Subject: Failed to bind to:

I'm using storm - with zookeeper -3.4.6 ubuntu 14.04 
now i ran my topology in local mode with maven commands and worked well 
BUT when i submitted it i got Failed to bind to:
    at org.jboss.netty.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap.bind( ~[netty-3.6.3.Final.jar:na]
    at backtype.storm.messaging.netty.Server.<init>( ~[storm-netty-]
    at backtype.storm.messaging.netty.Context.bind( ~[storm-netty-]
    at backtype.storm.messaging.loader$launch_receive_thread_BANG_$fn__2984.invoke(loader.clj:20)
    at backtype.storm.util$async_loop$fn__444.invoke(util.clj:401) ~[storm-core-]
    at ~[clojure-1.4.0.jar:na]
    at ~[na:1.6.0_37]
Caused by: Address already in use
    at Method) ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    at ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    at ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    at ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    at ~[netty-3.6.3.Final.jar:na]
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ ~[na:1.6.0_37]
    ... 1 common frames omitted
2016-01-04 01:52:07 b.s.util [INFO] Halting process: 

the topology using one worker for one supervisor i'm trying to run or submit it first in single

so my only storm.yaml is 


     - "192.168.x.x" "192.168.x.x"
 storm.local.dir: "/var/storm"
 supervisor.childopts: "" 
 nimbus.childopts: "" 
 worker.childopts: "" 

     - "192.168.x.x"

storm.messaging.transport: "backtype.storm.messaging.netty.Context"
 storm.messaging.netty.server_worker_threads: 1
 storm.messaging.netty.client_worker_threads: 1
 storm.messaging.netty.buffer_size: 5242880
 storm.messaging.netty.max_retries: 100
 storm.messaging.netty.max_wait_ms: 1000
 storm.messaging.netty.min_wait_ms: 100

zoo.cfg is 


i tried to use localhost but got same error then tried to use my ip address
i searched to fix it more but got this solution 
can someone illustrate it beacuse i didn't get it well 


It turned out that my logback/cluster.xml configuration had a SocketAppender that didn't have
a listener on the remote host. Having an appender defined in configuration file, even if it
is not set up to receive any log messages, will cause Storm to block and the above error message.its
due to zookeeper you have add curator separetly not required its the part of zookeeper

or can someone help me to fix it ? 

importaant thing 

topology using drpc and i tried to submit another topoogies worked well but topology with
drpc got this error 

the project i'm trying to submit it here

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