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From Joaquin Menchaca <>
Subject Newbie Questions for Cluster Dependencies
Date Sat, 23 Apr 2016 04:22:27 GMT
Hi.  I am new to Apache Storm, and I am setting up a cluster for developers
at my company.

I was reading the online docs for Storm 0.10.0, and had a few questions.

- JDK versions?  JDK6 old, security holes, beyond end-of-life.
- ZooKeeper version?  The link redirects to ZK 3.3.3 docs.  Blueprints
books (by Pakt) says ZK 3.3.5 for Storm 0.9.1, and Tutorial Points
instructs ZK 3.4.6 for Storm 0.9.5.

The online docs promote for storm-deploy for AWS, and looking through
scripts (don't know pallet or clojure), this brought some new questions:

- ZeroMQ? Does this need to be installed or not?
- DaemonTools?  Were these swapped out in favor of supervisord (that is
promoted in the community)?
- UI and DRPC were "supervised" in daemontools configuration
crate/storm.slj, but 0.10.0 doesn't mention supervising DRPC.

Lastly, I wanted to containerize these w/ Docker.  Does storm support using
Environment variables for items configured in storm.yaml?  I had hope to
maintain state of systems outside of the container, so that I can
dynamically manage the cluster as a set.

Thank you,
Joaquin Menchaca



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