A colleague created a Bolt that writes data to a MongoDB application.
I have a Spout that reads that data from MongoDB.
My colleague's Bolt is in a separate Storm application he built. Mine is on a separate storm application I built. Our applications may run on different VM's.

My team lead wants my colleague's Bolt to emit data, and wants a Bolt in my application to receive that data. So we basically avoid writing to MongoDB.

I suggested doing this via Java sockets, RMI or Redis. On hearing this, my team lead tells me "You haven't understood Storm yet".

I've been through a lot of the documentation on Storm, and I haven't seen any case where Storm can communicate. Except maybe using DRPC: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15690691/communication-between-several-storm-topologies
But there
But there are complaints of DRPC memory leaks and unexpected behaviour: https://mithunsatheesh.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/storm-drpc-and-why-it-didnt-solve-the-case-for-us/

So is DRPC the way to go or does Storm have some other method of emitting from one topology and receiving it in another topology?