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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject Re: Spout Questions
Date Mon, 02 May 2016 20:48:35 GMT
nextTuple(), ack(), and fail() are all called by the same thread. nextTuple() should be fast,
so you probably only want to emit one or a handful of tuples. Emitting a huge number of tuples
in the nextTuple() method is what’s causing your problem.


> On May 2, 2016, at 9:08 AM, Adrien Carreira <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Dont't know if I'm on the right place.. But let's try.
> I'm build a Topology, And I've a spout plugged on Redis.
> My question is, when the topology is active, Why the nextTuple() method isn't call when
ack() method is called.
> Meaning, I've about 10k acking message without a nextTuple() called...
> So what going is : nextTuple is called to emit 30000k message, stops, acking is called
to ack all message without calling nextTuple to refeed the topoogy....
> What can be the problem ?
> Thanks for your feedbacks and sorry for my bad english.

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