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From "Matthias J. Sax" <>
Subject Re: Storm's memory allocation according to the Heron paper
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 14:32:10 GMT
Just a comment on this: the Heron project was stared over a year back
and the criticism cannot be applied to Storm 1.x -- since Heron project
started, Storm improved a lot.

It would need a new comparison between Heron and Storm 1.x to see what
advantage/disadvantage each system has.


On 06/09/2016 02:42 PM, wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have been reading the Twitter Heron paper and i was a bit surprised
> concerning the allocation criticism therein, based on an example.
> I quote:
> "... consider scheduling 3 spouts and 1 bolt on 2 workers. Assuming that
> the bolt and the spout tasks each need 10GB and 5GB of memory
> respectively, this topology needs to reserve a total of 15GB memory per
> worker since the worker has to run a bolt and a spout task. This
> allocation policy leads to a total of 30GB of memory for the topology,
> while only 25GB is actually required ...".
> Please correct me if the following is wrong: Assuming each worker runs
> on a separate machine and that a worker requires a maximum of 15 GB,
> both workers need to be allocated 15GB using the default scheduler,
> since we do not know which machine will contain the single bolt and one
> of the spout tasks.
> With the ResouceAwareScheduler we can specify memory requirements per
> component within the topology. How does this influence the memory
> allocated to the worker process however? If one of the worker processes
> is configured with 10 GB of memory, would the RAS deploy the topology
> such that the worker process with less memory would receive the 2
> spouts? I presume that is exactly what it is meant to do...
> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards
> Leon

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