Giving this a bump, as its rather important.

To be more specific, no traffic ever goes through the topology. As soon as it it started, the error will start.
One time I left it overnight and it connected, but I am unsure how long this took to happen.

And ideas would be great, thanks!

On 03 Jun 2016, at 15:52, Matthew Lowe <> wrote:

Hello all,

I have just updated my cluster.xml to use some appenders that I made.

I am now getting items like the following in the logs.
I seems like given enough time (hours), it will eventually resolve and start to work.

I am running storm 0.9.4

2016-06-03T13:46:28.825+0000 b.s.m.n.Client [ERROR] connection attempt 1 to failed: java.lang.RuntimeException: Returned channel was actually not established
2016-06-03T13:46:28.826+0000 b.s.m.n.Client [INFO] connection attempt 2 to scheduled to run in 103 ms