Hi anshu,

To answer your question, no. Supervisors run workers with classpath which resides on that node.
If you would want to share non-classpath files, you can give it a try with Distributed Cache introduced on 1.0.0.

Hope this helps.

Jungtaek Lim (HeartSaVioR)

2016년 6월 3일 (금) 오전 4:49, anshu shukla <anshushukla0@gmail.com>님이 작성:
Hello all,

Is  there any way to pass the folder to storm submit command so that all the contents of it can be shared on all the supervisor nodes . 

Can we use lib folder ? As I guess all the jars are transferred from nimbus --> lib  node to all supervisor nodes .

Thanks & Regards,
Anshu Shukla