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From Rahul Dahiya <>
Subject AMQP spout gets stuck
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2016 11:52:26 GMT
Hi Team,

We are using apache-storm v 0.9,3 to read messages from RMQ using AMQP spout and processing
the messages to save in the database.

Recently we have started facing an issue in the topology where the messages gets stuck in
unacked stated in the RMQ and we see failures in the AMQP spout itself. To solve this we have
to redeploy that specific topology . It works fine for sometime and process messages at a
normal rate. After some time (not specific interval ) the messages gets stuck in unacked state
in RMQ and we have to repeat the process all over again.

Also, sometimes it runs flawlessly throughout the day and then out of the blue it starts experiencing
the issue.

We haven't done any code change in months and we tried running the topology in a separate
cluster (RMQ and Storm) as well with no success .

Also there are multiple topologies deployed on the storm cluster and most of them run perfectly
fine (Although we have seen issues with some but they got resolved).

We are using Amazon cloud for the cluster.

Any help regarding this is highly appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance.




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