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From Joaquin Menchaca <>
Subject How can I debug
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 15:17:04 GMT
I wanted to learn learn how bootstraps the environment to
understand Apache Storm better and trace down a bug.  Anyhow know of good
docs, tutorials on pydevd?  I was trying to use PyCharm on my Mac, storm on
nimbus runs on virtualbox (, but unsure how to setup this
session, or how pydevd works, what I need to do exactly.

I found one doc at:

It seems to indicate I would have to tunnel back from the server to my
laptop, but that seems rather complex (maybe that is the way it is), but I
thought I would run the pydevd on the server, then pycharm connects to that
(hence real remote debugging).  Docs from JetBrains not all that clear.
No, this isn't python support, but figured someone somewhere had to write
the script, maybe used debugging to pounce out some bugs at some point.

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