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On Aug 17, 2016, at 9:22 PM, Jungtaek Lim <kabhwan@gmail.com> wrote:

Andrew and Erik, please feel free to post the issue to dev@ whenever you meet the issue from streamparse, storm-mesos, and etc. which might be cause of upstream so that Storm dev. community can help if possible.

2016년 8월 18일 (목) 오전 10:07, Andrew Montalenti <andrew@parsely.com>님이 작성:

Erik, re: this issue, "blocked by us dealing with mysterious Storm Worker process heartbeat failures", do you have any topo's @ Groupon using ShellSpout (multi-lang)?

If so, the patch/resolution in STORM-1928 (released in 1.0.2, see JIRA for details) may be helpful.

On Aug 17, 2016 6:07 PM, "Jungtaek Lim" <kabhwan@gmail.com> wrote:
Side note for users waiting stable version of 1.x: 1.0.2 is worth to try out since it's well tested, and fixes various critical bugs users met.

- Jungtaek Lim (HeartSaVioR)

2016년 8월 18일 (목) 오전 6:58, Erik Weathers <eweathers@groupon.com>님이 작성:
Groupon is using 0.9.6.

Switching to 0.10.0 or 1.0+ will take us more time largely because of the "logback to log4j 2" change in 0.10.  We have a bunch of internal teams using a library for logging which is based on logback, and it's definitely going to be herding cats to get them to upgrade their topologies.

We are also responsible for the storm-mesos framework, which we will hopefully come back to adding support for 1.0+ next month on.   Spending time on that is currently blocked by us dealing with mysterious Storm Worker process heartbeat failures.

- Erik

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 2:47 PM, Joaquin Menchaca <jmenchaca@gobalto.com> wrote: