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From Muhammad Bilal <>
Subject Value for Max spout pending and Buffer sizes
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2017 09:48:54 GMT

I am observing some very interesting behaviour with Apache Storm.
I was testing different values for the parameters for my benchmarking

I had several 4 node setups (3 workers and a supervisor) that I was
previously testing on. Recently I tried a 16 node setup (1 supervisor and
15 workers) but I found that for the same "max.spout.pending" and buffer
size parameter values the topology stalls i.e. throughput =0 after a while
for the 16 node cluster. However, the same parameter values work fine for 4
node setup. If I increase the buffer sizes in comparison to what was set
for 4 node cluster, the topology works again.

If someone could elaborate on how buffer sizes (e.g.
topology.executor.receive.buffer.size, topology.executor.send.buffer.size
and topology.transfer.buffer.size) are linked to max.spout.pending that
would be very helpful for me.

Why is it that  the topology works with a certain buffer size and
max.spout.pending for smaller cluster but I need to increase the buffer
size significantly to make the same setting for max.spout.pending?

Thank you.
Muhammad Bilal

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