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From sam mohel <>
Subject open file in spout with python
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2017 14:11:15 GMT
I'm new to python , i'm trying to make spout read from file line by line .
i tried to write this statments but didn't work

import storm
import random
# Define some sentences

class SimSpout(storm.Spout):
    # Not much to do here for such a basic spout
    def initialize(self, conf, context):
    ## Open the file with read only permit
    f = open('mydata.txt', 'r')
        self._conf = conf
        self._context = context

        storm.logInfo("Spout instance starting...")

    # Process the next tuple
    def nextTuple(self):
        # check if it reach at the EOF to close it
        line = f.readline()
        while line != "":
        # Emit a random sentence
        storm.logInfo("Emiting %s" % line)

# Start the spout when it's invoked

Another thing i want to ask about , i have shell script that take my data
text file to make process on it to get the result , now if i want to make
it in storm i should make spout open my data text file as its my data
source and read line by line to take every line it got it to bolt that make
a process on it which will contain the code in shell written in python ,
Right ?

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