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From Joaquin Menchaca <>
Subject Re: How to correctly setup Nimbus UI to have public instead of private FQDN for debug
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2017 01:18:55 GMT
You have to configure a few things:

- determine set of names to configure public cname, hosts file entries or
local dns cache entries, and virtualhost confis on a proxy.  ex:
- reverse proxy front end, like nginx with routes back to appropriate
backends based on virtualhost config
- manage /etc/hosts entries for each node (or local dns cache)
- `hostname -f` must match appropriate name, ex:
- public dns entries (CNAME) that all point to the reverse proxy server.
- if aws, you can config elb to point to reverse proxy end point for
- also aws alb might work as front end reverse proxy end point, have not
tried it personally.

I tried this on aws w nginx running on one of my zookeeper servers.  works

I have some shell scripts online that demo how to set this up:

- nginx config lib  -
- how to use lib in setup_proxy():

On Jan 22, 2017 1:32 PM, "Alexandre Vermeerbergen" <>

> Hello,
> I deployed our application to an Apache Storm cluster (currently version
> 1.0.1) on Amazon E2C instances.
> Nimbus UI works like a charm, except for the "debug" links which URLs are
> based on private FQDN instead of public FDQN address of VMs.
> For example, when clicking on the debug link of one of the executors, I
> have a URL looking like this one, which isn't accessible from outside the
> VM:
><name of my
> topology>
> Please note that the "Host" on the same line is,
> so I guess that's the root of my issue ; I guess it should rather be a
> public FQDN like
> Any idea how to make Storm / Nimbus / Nimbus UI use public FQDNs instead
> of private ones?
> Thanks,
> Alexandre

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