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From "Andrieux, Alain" <>
Subject Nimbus High-Availability: preferred host in Leader election?
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2017 17:19:13 GMT
Given a Storm cluster with high-availability requirements where several hosts are Nimbus seeds
(so that each can potentially become a Primary/Leader nimbus), how to ensure that, upon restart
of the installation, a given host will be the chosen Leader?


Given in storm.yaml (deployed on each of the 4 hosts):

nimbus.seeds: [ "host1", "host2", "host3", "host4"]

I want host1 to always be the Nimbus Leader/Primary when restarting the Storm cluster, while
host2 to host 4 are Nimbus Standby instances.

How to ensure that?

Currently I am getting something to the effect of host2 always being the leader, and while
it may appear consistent, I would prefer this to be deterministic.



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