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From pradeep s <>
Subject Re: Storm kafka spout offset going back
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2017 18:14:44 GMT
Thanks  Stig for the response . I can give some more detail on the issue we
are facing now .
For any database failure ,we are retrying the tuple for upto 10 times .
Database failure is mostly because of parent child relation ,since we are
processing out of order .
Our consumer group has more than 10 topics and  each topic corresponds to
one table . For eg: we have topics A, B and C in a group its corresponding
to tables A,B and C in database .
In this , table A will the parent and table B and table C will be child
tables .
Spout parallelism is set as 50 and each topic has 50 partitions .These 50
threads are going round robing across all the topics in the group.

Issues observed with the current setup are

1)One partition for one topic alone getting stuck .All the other partition
lag is cleared

2)Whatever topic had failures earlier ,is going to a old offset .

DB Bolt Execute Method below
exceptionCount will have a value greater than 0 once the message is moved
to error queue . In that case i am acknowleding the message . Other cases i
am calling
There is no downstream bolt for this . This is the final bolt in the


    public void execute(final Tuple tuple) {

        String fullMessage = (String) tuple.getValueByField(

        GGMessageDTO ggMessage = (GGMessageDTO) tuple.getValueByField(

        try {

            // Call to handler for generating Sql

            Date date = new Date();

            super.getMessageHandler().handleMessage(ggMessage, super

            super.getOutputCollector().emit(tuple, new Values(fullMessage));


  "DbActionBolt Ack time in ms: {}", new
Date().getTime() - date.getTime());

        } catch (Exception e) {

            LOGGER.error("DB bolt exception occurred from Aurora : ", e);

            int exceptionCount = handleException(fullMessage, ggMessage, e,

            if (exceptionCount != -1) {

                // If message write is success acknowledge the message so

                // that it will be removed from kafka queue

                super.getOutputCollector().emit(tuple, new Values(


            } else {






On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 9:59 AM, Stig Rohde Døssing <> wrote:

> Hi Pradeep,
> When you move the message to an error queue, is this happening from inside
> the Avro bolt or are you emitting a tuple? Can you verify that the tuple is
> being acked in the Avro bolt exactly once (double acking will cause the
> tuple to fail)?
> Storm will ack messages on the spout as long as all edges in the tuple
> tree are acked, and the topology message timeout hasn't expired before this
> occurs.
> For example, if the Kafka bolt emits t0 and your AvroDeserializerBolt is
> the only bolt consuming from the spout, the bolt will receive t0 and must
> ack it exactly once. If the AvroDeserializerBolt emits any tuples anchored
> to t0 (using any of the
> releases/1.1.0/javadocs/org/apache/storm/task/OutputCollector.html
> methods that take a Tuple anchor), the downstream bolts must ack those
> exactly once too. Let's say the Avro bolt emits t0_0 and t0_1 based on t0.
> The root tuple on the spout is only acked if t0, t0_0 and t0_1 are acked
> once each, and they all get acked before the message timeout elapses.
> Depending on your throughput this may be infeasible, but you might try
> enabling debug logging
> releases/1.1.0/javadocs/org/apache/storm/Config.html#setDebug-boolean-
> which will let you tell whether the tuple is being acked on the spout.
> If the tuple is being acked on the spout, you might want to look at some
> of the logs from this method
> storm/blob/v1.1.0/external/storm-kafka-client/src/main/
> java/org/apache/storm/kafka/spout/internal/ They
> should show you what the spout is doing internally. Keep in mind that the
> spout can only commit e.g. offset 10 if offsets 0-9 have all been
> acked/committed, so if an earlier tuple failed and is waiting for retry
> when you restart, that could also cause this.
> 2017-09-01 7:04 GMT+02:00 pradeep s <>:
>> Hi,
>> I am using Storm 1.1.0 ,storm kafka client version 1.1.1 and Kafka server
>> is
>> Kakfa spout polling strategy used is UNCOMMITTED_EARLIEST.
>> Message flow is like below and its a normal topology
>> KafkaSpout --> AvroDeserializerBolt-->DataBaseInsertBolt.
>> If the message fails avro deserialization , i am moving the message to a
>> error queue and acknowledging from the avro bolt . This message is not
>> emitted to database bolt .
>> But its observed that after i restart topology , offset for the topic is
>> going back to old offset.
>> Will Kafka commit the offset, only if the message is acked from all bolts
>> ?
>> Is the offset going back to previous value is beacuse of this ..
>> Thanks
>> Pradeep

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