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From I PVP <>
Subject sharing across Bolts
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2017 22:08:51 GMT
What is the best practice approach to share, across bolts, a Collection that will be used by
many bolts each will perform a specific summarization and statistics calculation.
The objective is to retrieve the collection only once , instead of retrieving from  each for
each bolt.

Should I just emit the collection from the intermediary bolt or is there a better way something
like a internal cache ?

The overall topology approach is , using fieldsGrouping:
Receives the identifier(UUID) that will drive the retrieval of a collection of retail  transactions.
 example: List<Transaction>

2) Bolt
Retrieves and emitts (collector.emit) the collection of transactions that will be subjet to
multiple calculations  ( Is this correct  or could cause a memory issue as the number of Bolts
growth ?)

3) Around 6 other Bolts should use that same collection of transactions to execute different
types of summarization and statistics calculation and write the metrics to Cassandra.

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