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From Simon Cooper <>
Subject Dynamic metrics in V2 system
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2018 12:38:14 GMT

We're looking at upgrading our topologies to use the new V2 metrics system, however one of
our absolutely core requirements is the ability to dynamically create/assign metrics after
the topology is started up - we don't know what metrics we'll be running beforehand, and the
metrics can change during the lifetime of the topology. We handled this in the V1 system using
IMetric wrappers, but the codehale-based metrics system doesn't seem to have the ability to
do this.

If the V1 system is removed in a future version, this means we won't be able to use the storm
metric system to report our metrics, which is a real shame, as we'll lose all the built-in
info that storm provides. We'll need to implement our own system from scratch & basically
duplicate all the existing infrastructure.

Is there a way we can create metrics dynamically in the V2 system?

Simon Cooper
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