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From "Ramin Farajollah (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)" <>
Subject Re:Flooded topology after a full GC
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2019 14:59:44 GMT
Correction: HotSpot 8 (not OpenJDK 8)

From: At: 12/19/19 09:56:34To:
Subject: Flooded topology after a full GC


We use an object pool for messages in tuples. It has been effective to reduce GCs in creating
the heavy objects.

After a full GC (~30sec), the Zookeeper connection is suspended and is restored by Curator.
This is followed by a huge rise in the number of the objects (presumably in flight). This
leads into more frequent full GCs and the eventual crash of the topology.

I'm trying to understand what triggers the huge rise immediately after STW of full GC/Curator
reconnect. My guess is that all tuples had failed due to zk timeout and were resent. In addition,
there may be acks/fails signals exasperating the situation.

My questions are:
1) How to determine if tuples are resent?
2) How to determine if acks/fails contribute to the traffic?
3) Without back pressure, are excessive tuples are silently discarded from the outbound or
the inbound queues?
4) What happens to the failed tuples? (I need a hook to release the objects).

- OpenJDK 8
- Storm 1.2.3
- Curator 2.12.0
- zk session timeout 40000 ms, connection timeout 1500 ms
- Initially the cache is adequate (8gb) 

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