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From Shariq Muhammed <>
Subject Re: We can get rid of following components in Stratos code
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2013 03:28:56 GMT
If I am not mistaken the following components also could be removed since
they are only needed for Carbon based products (cartridges in future ?!)

- components/stratos/ - provides a link in
the services to direct to CC
- components/stratos/ -
deploys the carbon service specific landing page webapp

Also how about getting rid of components/*stratos *dir and moving its
contents under components/? The reason to the "stratos" dir in carbon code
base was to distinguish between stratos and other components, that's not
valid here ..

On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 8:23 AM, Amila Maha Arachchi <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was going through the incubator code to provide some help on cleaning it
> and making it ready for the first release. I have identified some
> components which can be deleted from the code. Some of these are not used
> anymore and some others are not valid for Apache Stratos.
> components/stratos/org.wso2.carbon.db.keep.alive (unused)
> components/stratos/org.wso2.carbon.gapp.registration.ui (not valid)
> components/stratos/ (not valid)
> components/stratos/org.wso2.carbon.migration (unused)
> components/stratos/sample-installer (not valid)
> You can simple get rid of the unused ones. For the invalid components, I
> will check for dependencies in the product/stratos2/stratos_controller and
> provide a patch to remove them.
> There are some other components which will be used as dependencies from
> Carbon code. We can get rid of them too. We'll discuss them separately.
> Regards,
> Amila.
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> *Amila Maharachchi*
> Senior Technical Lead
> WSO2, Inc.;
> Blog:
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