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From Suresh Marru <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache Stratos for Graduation?
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 03:35:12 GMT
Hi All,

I am intentionally not replying to any previous discussions as I will not be doing justice
chiming in late. I was following the project closely until late November and since then only
managed to keep track of private lists and not so much of the dev list. I will share my random
views which may or may not resonate accurately. 

* In November, when a flag was raised to not to rush to graduation and instead focus on diversity,
the PPMC has well received the suggestion and did put in effort. That by itself speaks something.
So I think we should not pull the strings too far. I certainly sense the rush for graduation
again, but I personally do not see anything wrong with it now and I feel the project has earned

* From my own experience, I feel following stratos dev list and contributing to the project
is like drinking from a fire-hose. I think the project can do better in providing and maintaining
incumbent tasks, documents and exploring other means. But I do not see this as a blocker for
graduation. From what I have seen (atleast until November), the PPMC has been putting effort
in doing hangouts and other forms of architecture discussions on mailing list. Whether these
have yielded or not, I do not want to quantify it. To me as a mentor, I would like to see
the intent and I have clearly seen it right from the beginning. To put it other way, I have
not seen any reluctance or unwelcomeness. 

*  I have noticed Stratos GSoC proposals while helping with GSoC administration. (without
divulging into details) I am pleased to see mentors from this PPMC pro-active participation.
The students were also able to navigate enough to and propose projects. To me this tells both
a positive story as well as missed opportunities from casual contributors. One reason I can
think of why only GSoC students succeeded to get around and not others (with a observed assumption
from noticing a handful of students randomly jumping into other cloud related projects) is
stratos barrier is high and the project is overwhelming. Rapid changes to architectures in
the past few months has raised the bar of needed volunteer time. Hopefully once that slows
down, the project will be more attractive (rather contributors will find a way to catch up).

* Going forward (irrespective of the graduation), the project should really has to put extra
effort to attract casual contributions. I think they go a long way. Again maintaining lot
of starter tasks, providing good developer documentation and test cases to validate these
contributions and so on. 

Orthogonal to all these random observations, I am fully in favor of graduation readiness and
very pleased to see the discussion converge and charter being circulated. May be we can move
to the PPMC vote soon and take it from there. 


P.S Trying to catch up with all the missed action, I appreciate and admire the hands-on mentoring
Noah, Chip and others were able to manage. 
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