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Some proposed changes for the cartridge creation wiki [1]:

Cartridges are machine images that run on an IaaS compute node.
Cartridges add additional functionality to an existing machine image
so that Stratos can communicate with the Image.

Follow the instructions below to configure a cartridge image for
OpenStack or EC2.  These instructions describe how to create a
cartridge from an existing Ubuntu Linux 12.04.1 LTS image.

1. start the Ubuntu image 12.04.1 using your IaaS
2. ssh into your Ubuntu image and get root access (e.g. sudo -i)
3. ... the rest of the steps as per the wiki steps 2 to 13

Step 14, we should add the following:

This script will install and configure puppet agent, do you want to
continue [y/N] y
Please provide stratos service-name: php  (#1)
Please provide puppet master IP: (#2)
Please provide puppet master hostname [puppet.test.org]: puppet.test.org (#3)
Node Id 076227021438.default.php

We should also add the following:

#1 - describe what "stratos service-name" actually means so the user
can work out what value they need to set here.
#2 - describe what this means and refer to the previous stratos
documentation if required.
#3 - describe what this means and refer to the previous stratos
documentation if required


Question:  What are the next steps?  E.g. how do we make Stratos aware
of the cartridge so that Stratos can use the cartridge?

A quick answer: By deploying a Cartridge configuration : https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/STRATOS/4.0.0+Configuring+Stratos#id-4.0.0ConfiguringStratos-Deployingacartridgeviathewizard

[1] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/STRATOS/4.0.0+Creating+a+Cartridge+on+OpenStack+or+EC2

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