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From Rajkumar Rajaratnam <>
Subject Script to install puppetforge modules
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2014 03:56:03 GMT
Hi all,

I have come up with a script to download puppet forge modules to puppet
master node.

We don't have to include any puppet forge modules in stratos code base.

After we install puppet master, we can run this script. It will download
specified modules (in puppetforge.modules file) into /etc/puppet/modules

We don't even have to worry about dependencies. Puppet module tool will
find and download them for you. You have to only specify the modules which
you are going to use.

For example, if you want to download puppetlabs-apache version 1.1.1 and
puppetlabs-passenger latest, then you will add the following entries to
your puppetforge.modules file,
            puppetlabs-apache, 1.1.1

If you run, it will download above specified modules with
all of their dependent modules (stdlib, concat, apt, firewall).

It is documented on the below Git link.

Please have a look at this script @

Share your thoughts on this


Rajkumar Rajaratnam
Software Engineer | WSO2, Inc.
 Mobile +94777568639 | +94783498120

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